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Please note the following location and program changes:

1.  All rehearsals are relocated to Christ Church at 64 South Country Road in Bellport.  That will be the only rehearsal location for the festival this year (except for the dress).   Dress rehearsal and Concert will still be held at the Gateway Playhouse at 215 S. Country Road in Bellport.

2.  There are some program changes-with each conductor for the second half eliminating one piece in consideration of the amount of time we have to rehearse.  The following pieces are eliminated:  The Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly, The Telephone from Frostiana and #4 and #20 from HMS Pinafore. We will not perform the entire Pinafore, but will do #’s 8,9,16, and 21.   You will not have to return any music as all of the music is in the books you have already purchased, but we want to be sure that your preparation in anticipation of the choral festival is concentrated on the music we will be working on.  (*Note* The Frostiana pieces will be provided on loan.)

3.  The Mozart Requiem will be performed in its entirety.  As previously mentioned, if you are using the Schirmer edition of the Mozart you can mark your music in advance of the first rehearsal as follows:

put in measure numbers starting with 1st full measure of each movement and then a number the beginning of each line. 

We are very excited to see you all and look forward to making beautiful music together!  It isn’t too late to register, so please Bring Friends to sing!!!  Tenors and Basses are especially needed!  

See you soon!!

Please share this information with anyone you know who isn’t on line!


Mary Cappasso, Executive Director
Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council 

PO Box 2070
Miller Place, NY  11764